Love: 101 - Things I’ve learned.


  • You should never ruin an apology, with an excuse.
    When you’re wrong, bringing yourself to apologize is the hardest part - why ruin it with an excuse?
    If you’re truly sorry for what you did, just apologize, and leave it at that. 
  • Either you control your attitude, or it controls you.
    It’s one thing to get angry about this or about that, but when you become an angry person, your attitude is no longer yours - it is YOU
    Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a  blowout, angry as all get out, but regretting every passing second? Have you ever been yelling, saying words that you know you will regret, but can’t stop, because you’re already heated up and rolling?
    Getting a rein on your pride THEN and apologizing THEN is the best way to go, because if the person is worth it, you’re going to have to apologize sooner or later. And, it’s better to do it, before you’ve caused pain that you will regret.
    You CAN become your emotions - choose the ones you frequent, well. 
  • Money is a lousy way of keeping score.
    Money means nothing. What’s really happening, when money becomes the tallymarks on the scorecard is comparing different acts of care/appreciation/love/etc. Except, money is a lousy substitution for these very real things. If buying things/giving money has become a way of showing you care, reevaluate - you are probably doing more damage than good. Because, not only is your loved one not getting the full effect of what you’re really trying to say/do (if they get it at all), but they could be also forming their own personal interpretations of your actions, such as thinking you’re trying to buy them, divert attention from your slip-ups, or trying to shut them up. 
    Say what you mean, and mean what you say. 
  • Sometimes, when angry, you may have the right to be angry, but it is never right to be cruel.
    Everyone gets angry, but no one stays angry FOREVER. And, if in a relationship that you value, you should avoid acting on your anger, especially if it leads to cruelty. People regret the things they do all the time.
    You never know what may change your mind.
    You never know what you may have been missing.
    We don’t all the time SEE the actual reality of the situation - you don’t want to do/say anything that you regret, later.
    WORDS STICK - and, they have powers far beyond what you may think.

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